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******30/11/20, message from our Chairman, Shawn Collier - click here


30/11/20 - important update from our Chairman, Shawn...

"After considerable thought I have decided to stand down at the next AGM. The Committee have been informed..

In the main this is due to personal circumstances . This year has obviously been a very difficult one and emotionally that is not going to change anytime soon.

The Committee will be discussing holding an physical AGM as soon as possible although that may be some months away of course. Nominations will be taken when a date is known. If you wish to discuss anything relating to this in the meantime, please contact myself or Jamie.

At the moment its a return to the backbenches as it were. It's been a great experience and to meet many amazing people along the way.

Who knows what the pub world will look like when we return? What I do know is that we can't wait to get back for a delicious pint, maybe an average one (!) and some pub banter.

See you around......... "