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24/02/21 - important update from our retiring Chairman, Shawn Collier


Hello everyone,


Following my decision communicated to you in November we now have timescales regarding pubs we can assess. You will recall the decision was to stand down at the AGM ,whenever we could hold one in person.


It seems unlikely meetings will recommence until July/August but I see people looking to take holidays if they can and into September. Given our AGM is normally in October it would make sense to hold the next one then.


Therefore it makes sense for me to stand down with immediate effect and let the branch start the process to fill the post. The Committee is able to Co-opt for now , should it wish, and all posts would then be re-elected as normal at the AGM. It's about looking forward now and it makes sense as I'm not going to be a part of that process.


Anyone wishing to apply for the post , join the committee, or seek further information should contact Jamie - .


 The email will remain in use.