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Leicester Beer Festival

Our own beer festival takes place in March each year, with the 2018 event being held between Wednesday 7th and Saturday 10th March.

For the first time in almost two decades Leicester Beer Festival had a change of venue, this year at the re-opened Haymarket Theatre.
Despite many years of sterling service, thoughts turned to alternative venues as a result of a CAMRA audit , identifying issues with our operation at the Charotar Patidar Samaj. This combined with thoughts over the long term about how to increase attendance, our quest coincided with the plans to re-open the Haymarket.
Due to building delays (and those who attended will be aware of the continuing building work) it was all very touch and go, but following epic efforts by all concerned,Haymarket and CAMRA staff alike, in true theatrical fashion it was “Alright on the Night” or at least as good as we could make it in the circumstances!
As usual we received a lot of feedback, and as stated on page 2, this is being collated for our de-brief meeting in May. At the time of
writing we can definitely say that attendance and beer sales were greatly up, glass and T-shirt sales slightly down and cider sales
about the same. A whopping 111 CAMRA memberships were taken out, almost three times last year’s total and pushing the Leicester branch membership over two thousand for the first time.
As in previous years, Friday was for theme fancy dress and with the rather broad theme of “The Theatre” pretty much anything went,
including Hamlet, a Wizard of Oz Dorothy and a dodgy Peaky Blinder or two with entourages. Morris dancers were present on two of the
days (see also page 22) and LOROS, our favoured charity, were in attendance for much of the time. The larger space available to us meant that it was possible to add some new concession stands for snacks, mead and t-shirts and for the first time there was a Key Keg bar.
In passing, I should just mention that we do have some festival t-shirts left in Forest Green, Navy Blue and Cherry Red, so if you do
fancy one please contact Gary Akiens at